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Protecting Your Creativity.

Find Out How to Protect Your Valuable Ideas
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Have an exciting idea for a new business or a groundbreaking product or an improved service?

Well, these days the first step after having a brilliant idea is to protect it. Good ideas can be extremely valuable and unfortunately, thanks to the Internet and other global communication methods, those ideas can often be instantly accessible.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of entrepreneurs and inventors missing out on big profits because their idea was “misappropriated” or just plain stolen – but that doesn’t have to happen to you.

Here at the law office of Sam Sokhansanj, we have extensive experience in intellectual property law and can provide the solutions you need to ensure your idea is properly protected.

Not Sure If You Need a Patent, Trademark, or Copyright?

Are Your Rights Being Infringed or Been Sued?

Let us explain your options.

Sam has been practicing law since 2007 and has been in involved with intellectual property matters since 2004.

He has prosecuted patent applications for clients such as IBM and the former Nortel Networks and provided litigation support in trademark and copyright infringement matters as well as counseling on intellectual property licensing agreements.

Sam has also examined over 3,000 patent applications for the USPTO in such areas as Electrical, Computer, Mechanical, Life Science, Biomedical, and Business Method Arts.

Having a Great Idea Today Can Be Both Exciting … & SCARY

But the truth is at some point you have to tell others about your idea or you’re never going to get the funding and the support you need to turn that idea into reality.

At the law office of Sam Sokhansanj, we provide you with the protection you need to confidently move forward.

To learn more about how we can protect your creativity and eliminate stress and worry from the process of turning a terrific idea into a profitable business, product or service, call (214) 988-5454 or click here to schedule your free consultation today.

Patent Attorney Sam Sokhansanj:

"A Former USPTO Patent Examiner, Boeing Systems Engineer, Technical Adviser, and Business Owner..."

Sam has prosecuted patent applications for clients such as IBM and Nortel Networks and provided litigation support in trademark and copyright infringement...He has also examined over 3,000 patent applications for the USPTO...

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"Although our patent application turned into a 51 page behemoth, Sam did not shy away in the least to digging into the details and learning what he needed to learn in order to craft our patent application accurately and precisely. "

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