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Patent Attorney Sam S.

Sam Sokhansanj, Msc.

Sam Sokhansanj, Msc.

Patent Attorney & Former Patent Examiner

J.D, Law, Patent & Trademark Law
MSc., Biomedical Engineering
BSc.,Mechanical Engineering

Registered to Practice before:

United States Patent & Trademark Office
Texas State Courts
Eastern District of Texas (Federal)

Avvo Rating

“Working with Sam was my first experience with a Patent Attorney. I came to him with a complicated medical product and he set me at ease right away..” (source:
 “…His work was flawless and didn’t break the bank either! I’ll be always appreciative of his job and highly recommend him. Do not think twice!”   (source:
 “…his diverse background provides the necessary tools to meet the interests of his clients. I highly recommend Sam…” (source:
 “…Sam has a broad and solid technical background… His experience as an examiner highly qualifies him to represent clients before the U.S. PTO.”  (source:
 “Very smart, and very easy to work with. I will be using him in the future and would highly recommend him for all of your Intellectual Property needs.” (source:
 “I strongly recommend Sam for your patent needs” (source:
 “Delivered as planned” (source:
 “I will continue to use his services for other patents and trade marks.” (source:
 “Sam was very professional, he guided me and educated me in the process of patenting, actually he went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that I understood what needed to be done.” (source:
 “Delivered as promised… He was always very responsive and easy to get in touch with either via phone or email” (source:

Patent Experience

Mechanical Devices & Products


Software & Internet Applications


Electrical Devices & Products


Mobile Device & Phone Applications


Oil & Gas Industry Tools


Bio-Medical Devices


Health, Food & Beauty Products & Formulations


Consumer & Household Products

Patent Applications Examined As a Former Patent Examiner

.Sample Work

Mobile-App Invention (Medium Complexity)

Web Based-Invention (Very Complex)

Mechanical Device Invention (Complex)

Consumer Product Invention (Simple)

Important Facts

  • The U.S. is a “First-to-File”  Patent System, don’t wait before it’s too late.
  • You have one-year from the date you publicly disclose or offer to sell your invention (including manufacturers) to file for a patent or you may forever be barred from filing for a patent on the invention.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements can only protect you so much. However, filing a complete patent application can guarantee you a filing date and going on the record with the U.S. government.
  • Provisional Patent Application’s need to be meet certain legal requirements under the patent laws and will not be afforded the benefit of the filing date if those requirements are not met.


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