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Consumer Products

Our patent law firm here in Dallas will prepare, draft, and file your Utility & Design Patent application and that can help give you broad coverage to prevent competitors from designing around your consumer product and maximize licensing potential wherein many of our clients are successfully manufacturing and selling their patented products.

Software & Web Services

Dallas patent attorney Sam Sokhansanj is experienced in preparing, drafting, and filing your Utility & Design Patent application on your software design, process flow, interface, networks, and other web services that help give you broad coverage to prevent competitors from designing around your software and maximize licensing potential.

Mobile Applications

Dallas patent lawyer Sam Sokhansanj is experienced in preparing, drafting, and filing your Utility & Design Patent application on your mobile device and phone applications ("apps"), server processes, process flow, user interface, and other mobile services that help give you broad coverage to prevent competitors from designing around your product.

Nutrition & Chemical Formulations

Dallas patent lawyer Sam Sokhansanj has drafted several Utility patent applications for various nutritional and chemical formulations for the health, nutrition, beauty, and chemical industries and start-ups that has helped them obtain "patent pending" status and securing their market share.

Electrical Devices and Systems

Dallas patent attorney Sam Sokhansanj has drafted, prepared, and filed several Utility patent applications related to electrical systems, communication/network systems, logic process flow, application programming, biomedical devices, and others with success that haas helped clients get the patent protection they need.

Mechanical Devices and Products

Dallas patent attorney Sam Sokhansanj is a former engineer that applies his real world experience with drafting, preparing, and filing Utility & Design patent applications related to simple or complex mechanical devices, methods, and systems that haas helped clients get the intellectual property protection they need.

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J.D. in Law 

Seattle University School of Law

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M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering

Southern Methodisty University (SMU)

• Semiconductors, A/D Filters, A/D Controls, A/D Communications, Information Theory, Wireless Network Optimization, Cryptography & Data Security, Digital Forensics, Computational Neuroscience, Operating Systems & Software; Software languages: Python, C++, Matlab, Java, AMPL, HTML/CSS

M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering

UT Southwestern Medical Center

• Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Artificial Organs, Drug Delivery, Human Physiology, Biomechanics

B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineeering

Texas Tech University

• Physics, Circuits, Controls & Systems, Dynamics, Mechanics, Fluids, Thermodynamics


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One of the main comments we hear from potential and current clients new to the patent system is the urgency to just get a patent, any patent, and as soon as possible. However, it's important for inventors to understand that obtaining a patent can be a balancing act and requires patience to ultimately to get a strong patent issued that is broad enough in scope but narrow enough to overcome the prior art and potential validity challenges. On one hand, you need enough specificity in the claims of your patent application to help overcome prior art references, and on the other hand you don't want to be too specific in the claims such that others can easily work-around the claims of the patent. Hence, the balancing act is comprised of finding a middle ground to what the Examiner at the USPTO will find to be patentable and what the inventor is willing to give up as to the scope of their patent. According to some patent professionals and patent issuance statistics, the odds of obtaining a patent are generally about 70%. Given these favorable odds, an inventor's goals should not be to obtain just any patent, but one that captures the essence of the invention, and is strong, enforceable, and can withstand validity challenges.



The law office of Sam Sokhansanj recently filed suit against the multi-billion dollar company King.com (makers of CANDY CRUSH SAGA video games) on behalf of our client seeking cancellation of one of its federal trademark registrations based on abandonment, lack of bona fide intent to use, and likelihood of confusion. The case is currently pending before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

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